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Friday, September 30, 2011 * West Niagara News 5

Family Coalition Party will introduce faith-sensitive education

Stephanie Sisler West Niagara News Phil Lees, of Glanbrook, believes that stronger families will lead to a stronger province. As Leader of the Family Coalition Party (FCP), and candidate for the Niagara West-Glanbrook riding, Lees wants to see more focus on strengthening families. Empowering families through income splitting, choices for child care, offering more options for extended family care, and encouraging families to invest in community seminars that improve relationships are some of the ways Lees would build a stronger province. "When families are strong, Ontario will be strong," he said. "Families need to have more choices available to best suit them." Education choices are also key for families. Lees is recognized as an advocate for families in the public educa- Designer's PRICE


PER SQ. FT. tion system. The work of his advocacy organization led to the establishment of the "I'm Worth the Wait" campaign, encouraging abstinence in teens through an extensive local education campaign. The program was introduced in the Hamilton- Wentworth district with great success. "Since implementing the program, teen pregnancy rates dropped 20 per cent," he said, adding that the program encourages teens to prolong sexual activity. Lees would also like to see more choice for families in the public education sector. Research shows that providing policies that address the needs of the family benefits everyone and leads to raising a next generation of happy, healthy, self-reliant citizens. "A faith-sensitive alternative education system that connects learning with the spiritual beliefs of the child, is more effective," he explained, adding that chil- dren get better grades when working in a system that is sensitive to their individual faith. His varied background has exposed him to many aspects of government policy. As an educator (teacher, university instructor, con-

Families need to have more choices available to suit them."

-Phil Lees Leader of the Family Coalition Party sultant, and Ministry of Education policy and curriculum advisor) he has insight into education. As President of an Ontario daycare corporation, Lees has


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seen the need to help families back into their natural role as childcare leaders. His work as a small family business operator has taught him that Ontario needs a political party to fight for the average working family. The FCP will cut government red tape by reducing the form-filling burden, remove interprovincial trade barriers and reduce excessive taxes for small and medium businesses. The FCP will also work with the federal government to eliminate the HST on all utility charges, and scrap the smart meter pricing program. Lees also explained that cuts must be made to the MPP salaries and operating budgets. "We have to lead by example," he said, adding that there also needs to be a 10 per cent reduction in all ministries. "This reduction wouldn't be a cut in services, but through improved efficiency and removing redun-


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Designer's PRICE


PER SQ. FT. dancy." Efficiency can also be found through reducing commissions and amalgam- ating agencies and boards. For more information about the FCP visit www. familycoalitionparty.com STEPHANIE SISLER West Niagara News Phil Lees is the Family Coalition Party of Canada candidate for the Niagara West-Glanbrook riding. Designer's





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