Jordan hosting "Art in the Village" July 28

Artist's work hangs in CSI actor Ted Danson's fictional office

Tom Wilkinson Editor When St. Catharines artist Jody Edwards watches CSI, she still gets a thrill seeing some of her artwork on the walls of Ted Danson's office (who plays D.B. Russell). Edwards found out last year that some of her art work, including a feather study, a skeleton key and a mushroom were being purchased for the walls of Danson's fictional office. She wasn't sure if the art would be on camera, but she sees it almost every episode. On Saturday, July 28, she'll be one of the artists featured in the Art in the Village show in Jordan. That takes place between 10 am. and 6 p.m. "I've wanted to be an artist since I was five years old," she told West Niagara News this week. Edwards is a 2003 graduate of Sheridan College's prestigious illustration program. In the last couple of years, her art has gotten more international attention. She has also taken part in a celebrity gifting venture with other artists. The juried work is presented to a celebrity in the hope that it will help the artist gain recognition. Jordin Sparks, the youngest American Idol winner, received some of Jody's artwork, and Jody received a photo of her with it. Mila Kunis also received a gift bag with some of Jody's art in it. The artist is looking forward to the opportunity to showcase her work in Jordan because her husband, Mike van Beurden, is from Jordan. Jody and other artists will have their work featured on the grounds of the Jordan Historical Museum. Jody will have feather studies there as well as real feathers, to see if people can identify the birds they came from. For more information about Jody's art, visit her website at jodyvanb. She will also have work on display at Pelhamfest from July 19 through 22. Jody Edwards, along with other artists, will have her work featured at Art in the Village in Jordan on July 28, from 10 to 6.



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